secure transcription.

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All data processed & stored securely in Swiss data centres

Optimised language model for CH-GER transcriptions

New export format: for subtitling and/or captions

Fast transcription & intuitive editor

Get initial transcript automatically, potential text errors can be corrected intuitively in an integrated easy-to-use editor.

Use Cases

Produce minutes for recorded meetings, create subtitles for video recordings or create detailed protocols for important interviews.


Languages available


supported audio & video formats


export file formats

as Excel, Word, srt or plain text

Stenoris is ideal for individuals who want to quickly create meeting minutes,
interview protocols or work on similar transcription tasks. If you are a business
that wants to integrate our service into an internal workflow, please contact us ([email protected]) to get an offer.

fast & secure


Upload your audio

easy & intuitive

Stenoris supports different audio and video file formats.

Let Stenoris work

fast & reliable

Stenoris uses advanced artificial intelligence to automatically transcribe audio into text.

Edit & Export

user friendly & practical

A build-in editor allows the user to correct errors and make adjustments.


Automatic transcription

Fully automated speech-to-text functionality and speaker recognition

Multiple speakers

Supports transcription of dialogs with several participants

Data security

Dedicated infrastructure in Switzerland for confidential data

Integrated results

A combination of various speech processing engines consolidations for better quality

Optimized editor

Dialog-specific editor for efficient error correction

File format support

Support of over 25 audio and video formats

File export

Configurable to export to Word, Excel, srt and simple .txt file

Supported languages

German, Swiss-German, English, French, Italian, Spanish