How it works



Upload your audio

Stenoris supports over 15 formats

Selection of language and number of speakers

For optimum quality, we combine several speech processing engines by Google, IBM, etc, with our proprietary algorithms. For confidential data, you can use our ‘Stealth Mode’, where the data never leaves our servers in Switzerland. 


Let AI do the work

ML algorithms generate text from the audio files

Stenoris uses advanced Machine Learning algorithms to generate text from your audio. Each utterance is transcribed and assigned to its corresponding speaker. 


Refine the result

The integrated editor allows to replay the audio, see the highlighted text and make adjustments

You can easily assign phrases to other speakers with one mouse click, change the speaker names, auto-merge sentences and correct eventual errors in the text. Alternatively, you can simply download the text and edit in Word.



Stenoris supports various export formats

You can create a backup of the project by clicking the cloud icon, saving it as an .ITS file. Then you can delete the project in Stenoris, and later on restore it from the ITS file including your edits.

Ready to start?

You can try Stenoris for free! (including 30 min worth of audio)